Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes For Your Walls

Faux finishes have become popular as different effects can be achieved by such wall painting techniques. For instance, you could create a look like an effect akin to marble or stone with such paints and finishes. There are different techniques that are used such as striping, sponging, stenciling and even creating decorative murals in order to create unique effects and designs on the walls.

  •         Murals

This comprises of painted scenes that are created on the walls. This is an interior wall painting technique that is taken up for children’s rooms usually. The artwork is usually extended on all walls and could depict a storyline, have interesting pictures and writings as well. Murals could also comprise of bright colors and simple shapes. Some are done on interior spaces of homes to create a feature wall. Often painters are hired to work on such projects; nature or poetry is some popular themes for such artwork.

Decorative painting is a similar technique where swirls of paints are applied in order to create motifs like flowers, ocean waves and could be combined with wall murals. In such cases, stenciling is also applied. In this decorative form of interior painting, there are cut out shapes and designs with which patterns or particular images are created at regular intervals.

  •         Striping

This is a technique where colors are filled within lines drawn in a given space. Often masking tape is used to create lines and colors are filled in between these lines; placing the tape allows paint to be applied with a paint brush or roller and once the tape is removed it showcases clear stripes on the walls. 

  •         Sponging

This is a simple yet effective way to paint the interiors; a sponge is dipped in paint and stamped on the walls. This is often done for different furniture items as well. A mottled effect is created with different shades and varying depth. Different sponges help to achieve different texture on surfaces when applied with paint.

The above methods showcase the different ways you can create unique effects on your walls. Certain techniques can be tried out by homeowners themselves, especially if they have the artistic capabilities that they wish to use. Many interior designers also specialize in creating accent walls with faux effects or decorating walls of different rooms with different themed designs or patterns. If you’re looking for great painters Delta chooses Night and Day Revival.