Wall Shades

Popular Wall Shades For Your Home

When it comes to trends noticed in interior paint choices, it is usually light wall shades that win the race. Experienced interior contractors have noted that, even though certain quirky trends do come up, there are certain traditional choices in wall shades that tend to stick over time. This works not only for architectural features but also for interior color shades.

Wall Shades

There is the popularity of accent walls in modern times that tend to be of a contrasting and darker shade than the other walls. However, when it comes to painting walls, there are certain color shades that have stuck through time. Though they might be given different names on the catalogs of different painting contractors, here are some popular shades that make great choices for interior walls.

  •         Off white shades

There can be different versions of off white which can range from pale white to white that has gray or brownish hues. However, what such a shade offers are a clean look to a room. While stark whiteness is something that we associate with hospital rooms, pale off white shades can be perfect for most interior rooms. It provides a great neutral backdrop for your rooms. You could make it the paint of choice for all rooms or for multipurpose living spaces like hallways, entry rooms and other general spaces in your home.

  •         Caramel shades

This is a light or a warm shade of brown that gives a lighter hue than any brown color or shade can offer. The color tends to be rich and neutral. You could also pair it with trim accents of white. The shade works well for living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

  •         Light blue shades

This is a classic color that offers versatility as well as a look of opulence. You can opt for light pale to nearly white and blue shade for your walls as you prefer. The light blue shade brings a sense of serenity to your mind. If you wish, it can be paired with an accent wall that is made of black or dark brown along with textures of the patterns. It would certainly be a stark color combination that would make your room gives out a bold décor statement.