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Different Finishes, Interior Paints Can Accomplish For Your Home

Today interior painting can get different finishes for your walls. You could get a sheen on the walls which reflect light well and in different ways.  The way wall paints reflect light can create a difference to the visual appeal of your rooms; hence, whether you want to brighten up the look of your room or want a more subdued effect, the same can be accomplished by the finishes done by an interior painting company.

interior Painting

Different wall paint finishes

There are two different kinds of finishes or sheen that can be accomplished on walls. The matte or flat finishes are good to cover up uneven spots on walls or blemishes that might exist. Such finishes help to absorb the light that falls on the walls. Such kind of painting is usually easy to apply and is usually basic finishes that are done on walls when you do not want any special effect on them. Usually, this kind of wall paint application leads to thick and dense coloring on walls which help to hide uneven bumps on the walls or small holes that might exist. Rooms that do not need a lot of attention or décor detailing can be painted with a flat or matte finish.

Most people who want the wall colors to be the highlight of their rooms opt for the high gloss paints. Such paints are durable and reflect light. However, such paints need professional finishes as any brush-stroke that is not applied well will reflect on the wall. There are different categories of finishes such as satin, semi gloss and eggshell finish in this category.

The eggshell finish is considered the matter plus finish as it retains some of the matte effects but a little sheen is found. Such a finish is more durable as compared to flat or matte finishes. Paints that are in this category are easier to clean, especially if spots fall on the walls. They are regular choices for dining rooms or living rooms.

Satin finishes are better for the furniture as well as for walls that need more maintenance. The shiny and silky finishes you get on the walls reflect adequate light and are durable as well. The bright sheen on the walls that such paint provides will mean that the finishing needs to be fine and well mastered.

Decorative finishes

Besides the glossy finishes, there are decorative or textured finishes that many wall paint products provide. These are ideal for painting accent walls. For instance, you could have a chalkboard finish. This will help to transform a wall into a board like surface where one can write on with chalk and similar writing tools and erase them easily. You can also opt for a textured look with tactile elements included in the wall paint or opt for a water color like finish.